• Complete Building Solution
  • Up to 40% more cost effective
  • 80% Faster Construction Time
  • Cleaner Building Sites
  • Peace of Mind Construction Process
  • NHBRC Registered
  • Agrèment Certified
  • Full Bank Approval






  • Plan Drawing and Plan Submission
  • Complete Project Management
  • Plumbing, Electrical, Ceilings, Plastering, Windows & Doors
  • All Certificates provided per Project


Elangeni Buildings, registered with the NHBRC, is based in New Germany, Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal has over 38 years’ experience in the construction industry. Providing a specialised cost effective building solution that saves you up to 40% without compromising quality and aesthetics as well as lasting longer than any conventional method.

Elangeni Buildings saves you time by completing buildings 80% faster compared with any conventional method. Elangeni Buildings constructs garages, cottages, offices, classrooms, homes and more all in accordance to the National Building regulations and all our buildings are approved by all local municipalities.

Our system comprises of a steel-reinforced concrete walling system that is stronger, more durable and longer lasting than any conventional methods. See detailed information below for our full descriptions. Contact us now for a free quote.


Adherence to by-laws

– Drawing, submission and approval of plans obtained.
– Electrical compliance certificate issued.
– All municipal connections correctly completed.

Materials used

– The highest quality cement and steel reinforcing in our pre-built walls.
– SABS approved roof trusses and roofing material.
– The best quality cement for foundations and the slab.
– Exteriors plastered and painted with the correct exterior materials.
– Interiors (ceilings, floor coverings, plaster, paint, kitchen fittings, bathroom suites and all necessary electrical and plumbing connections together with the windows and doors are to your specifications)

Method of building

– All necessary measurements and site preparation completed.
– Foundations are dug and provision made for sewer and other required municipal connections.
– Foundations are laid and concrete slab thrown.
– Prebuilt walls are erected.
– Roof fitted and made waterproof.
– Doors and windows inserted.
– Exterior finished.
– Interior fittings and floor coverings completed to specifications.
– Entire process completed in ONE WEEK.


– Exteriors.
– The roof will be designed around the existing building. Our pre-built buildings can take flat or pitched roofs and they can be finished in tiles or sheets
– Exterior walls can have a basic finish painted to match your property or they can be plastered as per your specifications.
– Interiors.
– Walls can be simply painted or left plain for the garage or your choice of finishes for the cottage can be accommodated
– Kitchens will be fitted to your specifications in regard to cupboards, shelving, sink, electrical connections and plumbing
– Bathroom suites and plumbing connections as per specification
– Flooring of your choice
– Ceilings, doors and windows as per specifications.


– All our buildings use traditional building materials
– Our pre-built buildings are constructed in ONE WEEK from start to finish.
– This saves you up to 35% of the total cost of construction
– Your home will not end up a messy building site for months.
– You pay for only one week of labour.
– Your property is kept neat and tidy for the duration of the build.


Fully completed Garages built in only 4 days to your exact specifications.

Starting from Bachelor Units to 2 bedroom garden cottages ideal for extra income.

Intricate high quality high-end Homes built to your desired specifications and requirements
Building office solutions that meet you exact requirements fast and efficiently.
Classrooms built in under 3 weeks to your required size with or without storeroom facilities.
RDP Homes and Major School projects throughout South Africa


Take a look through our standard floorplans that offer you great space and comfort. These standard designs incorporate our over 38 years experience to maximise your building spaces.

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